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In recent years, the Philippines has experienced some of the strongest and most destructive typhoons in its history – Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng in 2009, Typhoon Sendong in 2011, Typhoon Pablo in 2012, Typhoon Yolanda in 2013, and Typhoon Ruby in 2014. Typhoon Yolanda was unprecedented in Philippine history. It was the deadliest typhoon on record with more than 6,000 people killed, and the strongest storm recorded at landfall in terms of wind speed. Typhoon Yolanda caused catastrophic destruction, especially in Samar and Leyte, with about 11 million people affected and many left homeless. The Philippines was also not spared from other forms of disasters (both natural and human-induced). Quite recently, it was struck by the Bohol Earthquake in October 2013, the Zamboanga Conflict in September 2013, and the numerous fires and demolitions in urban poor communities. Metro Manila is also bracing itself for the Big One, or the much-feared West Valley Fault earthquake, which scientists say is due anytime soon. Disasters have continued to escalate unabated, posing a greater challenge for both government and non-government organizations alike. In 2014, the World Risk Index ranked the Philippines as the second country most at risk for its exposure to natural disasters. […]

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